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Welcome to the Iowa Department of Corrections

MISSION: Creating Opportunities for Safer Communities

The Iowa Department of Corrections protects the public, employees and offenders in several ways. We work to ensure that offenders in our custody – ranging from community supervision to electronic monitoring to incarceration – do not endanger the safety and security of others.

Offenders under our supervision participate in rehabilitative programming, including basic education, mental health and substance abuse treatment, life skills, victim empathy, and work experiences. Beginning with their first day in prison to their last day of community supervision, our reentry planning and coordination is designed to assist offenders’ successful reentry into society and to reduce the likelihood of future victims.

We hold offenders accountable by requiring them to repair the harm they have caused through restorative justice initiatives, including performing community service, paying victim restitution, family support, and correctional supervision costs. In advancing this mission, the Department of Corrections is committed to employing nationally recognized best practices to ensure that public funds entrusted to the Department produce the best results for all Iowans.
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