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Family and Friends
Incarceration in a state correctional institution can be not only very stressful for the offender, but also for the offender’s family and friends. One thing that can help ease the stress and anxiety toward the unknown is information. The Iowa Department of Corrections provides every offender entering the prison system with an offender handbook that provides answers to the many questions they may have. Attached below is information for the friends and family of offenders that will answer many of their questions and concerns.

Maintaining a healthy connection with family and friends is one of the keys for an offender’s successful reentry into the community. The more information that the friends and family have, the better they can help the offender’s transition – both into the prison system and then back into the community to be with their loved ones again.

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Iowa - Introduction to Incarceration (English)

Iowa - Introduction to Incarceration (Spanish)

Powerpoint Presentation - Introduction to Incarceration (English)

Powerpoint Presentation - Introduction to Incarceration (Spanish)

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