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What is Offender Reentry?
Ninety-six percent of Iowa inmates will leave prison. Research indicates that involving offenders in a comprehensive process that addresses substance abuse and mental health needs, education and employment training, other support services and responsive case management, could help break the cycle of criminality and provide the opportunity for offenders to lead productive lives upon their return.

We are all stakeholders in our desire to make our communities safer. By building new collaborations and strengthening existing community partnerships, the Iowa Department of Corrections is working to develop a statewide reentry system to reduce recidivism and the number of those victimized by crime.

History and Overview of Offender Reentry
A Guide Book for Friends and Family of Offenders
Una guia ristica para la familia y los amigos de delincuentes
Offender Reentry Process
Home Placement Questionnaire Explanation and Examples
Parole Home Placement Questionnaire
Sex Offender Parole Home Placement Questionnaire
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