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Policy Documents
Policy No Subject Effective Dt Redacted
AD-CR-01 Offender Records 6/2016 No
AD-CR-02 F-1 Jail Credit Form 12/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-2 Release Checklist 12/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-3 Computer Audit Form 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-4 Time Comp - Example 1 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-5 Time Comp - Example 2 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-6 Time Comp - Example 3 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-7 Time Comp - Example 4 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-8 Time Comp - Example 5 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 F-9 WR Escape Dead Time Form 11/2015 No
AD-CR-02 Sentence Computation 1/2016 No
AD-CR-04 F-1 Copy Fee Charge 10/2016 No
AD-CR-04 F-2 Consent to Release Information 10/2016 No
AD-CR-04 F-3 Notice of Confidential Information 10/2016 No
AD-CR-04 Release of Information 10/2016 No
AD-CR-05 File Transfer 6/2016 No
AD-CR-06 Changing Names 6/2016 No

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